Edit of Yuxi's hair conversion from Bless Online

   Hi there! I'm alive & want to share a little edit of hairmesh that has been converted by Yuxi from Bless Online to TS2. I love this mesh but not the braid from left side, so I just deleted it and copypasted strand from right part of mesh. And I recolored hair in all Pooklet naturals. Binned, yf-ef.


P.S.: If you have a problems with this hair or find any mistakes - message me please.

Pineapple5050 PostEffectMod consideration (tutorial?) in Russian

  Графический мод от Pineapple5050 и с чем его едят. Пытаюсь разобраться.
  Раз вы это читаете, значит хоть краем глазика видели красивые размытые скриншоты на тамблерах у симоблогеров. Если нет, то вот колоритные примеры:
источник/автор - driftsatellite.tumblr.com

источник/автор - loch-pearl.tumblr.com
Думаю, что теперь вы заинтересовались, как они это делают? Наверное, это все фотошоп и инстаграм, но нет, это модный в тамблеровском симсообществе мод - ТЫК.
 - Господи, что за иероглифы везде?...и термины странные.
Ну так я подумала поначалу, но все равно попробовала разобраться с этой штукой. Если вам интересно, почитайте, что из этого вышло.

Ja-viera's Ghost neighborhood trees grouped by Gwenke now seasonal!

   I dreamed about seasonal version of this amazing trees, but  I didn't have enough skills to do it. But time goes by, there are very useful tutorials in russian sims 2 community (big thanks for lowedeus for it). And I think I did it right for this time? If not (you find some mistakes or something), please send me a message here or on tumblr. Ok, so:
  I сloned and replaced seasonal tall poplar mesh by Gwenke (I delete the fallen leaves, cause it hovered in the air from lot view) by Gwenke's grouped version of Ja-viera's Ghost trees & use textures from lot seasonal SH trees by Gwenke

DOWNLOAD: box | sfs

2 Bruno's lingerie elder>adult

   It’s sharing time! I just copypasted 2 lingeries by Bruno from elder to adult female bodymesh and recolor it in curiousb’s “Any colour you like” palette.

DOWNLOAD (swatches in archives):
intimates (red on picture)
unmentionables (teal on picture)

   Message me, if you have problems with this things or you find any mistakes, please.

Alf-si's HOAR-eyes 4t2

  When I saw HOAR-eyes by Alf-si for sims 4 I fell in love with and wanted to have it in the sims 2. And I converted it but I couldn't adapt the original sclera for s2′s animation so put these eyes on the pooklet's sclera.
DOWNLOAD (custom only)

Mouseyblue's Jungle-eyes on animation-friendly sclera

  I love Mouseyblue’s Jungle eyes very much but it’s been non-animation-friendly unfortunately. So I made some edits: now these eyes more rounded, lighter, centralized & are on the Pooklet’s sclera. Also I did alien recolor.